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As many people know, I love Mountain Dew. Around work, people refer to me as "The Dew Man" because I'm always handing out cans of it to everyone. I always make sure that my refrigerator at work is full. I'm constantly buying 12-packs and 24-packs! In fact, when I fix personal computers for people, they return the favor with a couple 12-packs! After several years of drinking it, I have become a Mountain Dew Connoisseur. Trust me - I can tell the difference between a bad batch (which has usually been on the shelf too long) and a good one!

Yeah, I've heard the rumors about Dew. Thanks to the research of Sean Machado, you can click here for the Urban Legend about Mountain Dew. Nothing will ever stop me from enjoying this sweet nectar of the gods!

If you haven't tried it out yet, buy a bottle of the new Mountain Dew Code Red. It's cherry-flavored Mountain Dew. Some of you may be saying right now that you can't even deal with the taste of regular Mountain Dew. Well, several non-Mountain Dew drinkers have told me that they love the new flavor. Who knows - you might just be one of them!

Not only do I drink a lot of it, but I also have a Mountain Dew collection, including items such as old bottles, model racing cars, banks and other miscellaneous pieces. I have been finding many Mountain Dew collectibles on eBay. I have posted pictures of my Mountain Dew collection. Check out the link below. I'll keep them updated as I add more items.
Pictures of my Mountain Dew collection

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