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Mike & Lloyd's Review of The Foxy Lady in Brockton

You've all heard by now that The Foxy Lady has come to Brockton, MA. My buddy Lloyd and I decided to check it out. Of course, we had to go during the week of their Grand Opening because Jenna Jameson was there! The club is located up at the Westgate Mall, just behind Frank's restaurant. As I had told many people before going, I had to give the club my "Stamp of Approval." Well, as soon as we stepped in the door of the building, the two critics that we are, the list of complaints began. After about an hour being there, Lloyd and I were ready to leave. To quote Lloyd, "I was underwhelmed."

Strikes - In No Particular Order


Overall Evaluation

Let me put it this way. I spent in total $22. Let's break it down: $10 for admission, $5 for a soda and $7 for tipping some of the dancers. That's the entire evening! Had I not been thirsty, I would have spent less than 10-ones! Lloyd only spent $25: $10 for admission, $12 for a shoulder massage ($10 + $2 tip) and $3 for tipping a few dancers. Combine my total and Lloyd's and you have less than $50! Hello! That's nowhere near what we usually spend.

Mike's Final Word

The place sucked. Even though it's much closer, it's worth the trip to travel to the club in Providence. I did NOT give my "Stamp of Approval." I give it two thumbs down.

Lloyd's Final Word

I did not enjoy my time at this club. If you want to check the club out for yourself, feel free to do so and give us your opinion of it. You will be able to find me in Providence.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, etc. to The Foxy Fellas.
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